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It is a free gift from God. Nobody can earn it. The false teachers were denying that Jesus is God.

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Peter knew Jesus as a man for three years. See Exodus ; 1 Samuel They believed that he would rescue them from their enemies. Peter prayed for the same things in 1 Peter Paul always prayed for these gifts for the Christians to whom he wrote. See, for example, Romans ; 1 Corinthians ; Ephesians It means that God loves and forgives people. It also means that God helps and protects his people. Peace is the opposite of war or noise. God forgives and loves people. Therefore, people have peace with God Acts They can also have peace with each other Ephesians Circumstances cannot change it John This peace is too wonderful for anyone to understand Philippians God loved and forgave them.

But Peter wanted them to understand this more deeply. This is like the special way that a husband and wife know each other.

Peace Of Mind [Audio Bible Scriptures to Harp]

Jesus is both master and close friend to Christians. So we can live in a way that pleases him. This happens because we know him.

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In that way we can escape from the effects of evil desires that are in the world. Otherwise, they will ruin you. Jesus calls people to trust him. He is a holy and wonderful person. Everything that Jesus does is perfect. He never does anything that is wrong. Jesus has shown us what God requires.

When we trust Jesus, we start to know him in a personal way.

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Jesus is generous. He gives us everything that we need. We receive his power. He makes us able to obey all his commands. We can live a holy life.

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We can please God 1 Peter The false teachers taught that people needed to know special secrets. Their old nature goes.

They are like new people 2 Corinthians We also know that Jesus will return. The false teachers said that it was right for people to satisfy the evil desires of their human nature. Peter taught that Christians have escaped from their evil desires. They must not return to them.

Instead, Christians must aim to become more like Jesus. So now, you must work hard to add these things to your lives. Now that you trust God, you must develop moral goodness. Learn to control your own feelings and desires. Be patient.

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Do not give up when life is difficult. Behave in a way that pleases God. Love all people in the same way that God loves them. And you will be an active and useful Christian. Jesus has given Christians everything that they need. But they are responsible to use what he has given them. Because of the promises in verse 4, Christians must work hard to behave in the right way.

This will take a lot of effort and a long time. Peter names seven qualities of character. Christians do not work on one quality at a time. Instead, Christians should develop all the qualities and keep increasing them. All the qualities link together. However, the greatest quality is love 1 Corinthians So a Christian should become more like Jesus.

The false teachers claimed to know special secrets. However, they did not know the difference between what is right and wrong. So, Peter wanted Christians to know more and more about Jesus. Then they would learn what pleases him. When Christians really know Jesus, they behave differently. They learn to control their own feelings and desires. The false teachers said that their special secrets freed them.

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But they allowed their feelings and desires to control them. So, they often behaved very badly. The true Christian knows that God has authority over everything. So Christians should continue even when troubles come.

Life is like a race. Christians must patiently run and not give up Hebrews They should also remember what God has promised for the future 1 Peter This will help them to continue to the end. A Christian should behave in the right way. This means to have the right attitude towards God and towards other people. The selfish way that the false teachers behaved did not give honour to God.

The wicked people in the time of Noah also behaved in a selfish way 2: 5. This does not refer to a physical family. God is our father. John said that whoever loves God should also love his brother 1 John Christians are all different ages. They come from different nations with different customs.

But that should not affect the way that Christians behave towards each other. This word describes the pure way that God loves us. God always gives people more than they deserve. He sends the sun and the rain on both the good and the bad people Matthew God loves Christians. But he also loves people who are not Christians.

What Is The Difference Between Peace With God And The Peace Of God?

God loves his enemies as much as he loves his friends. Therefore, God loves everyone. He always does what is best for each person.