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Finding themselves enjoying the longevity of fine art vs. They have instead endeavored to focus their energies on creating within mediums that inherently have a longer life-cycle. This has enabled them to invest vast amounts of time on producing work that is not only remains as meticulous as possible but also becomes full of richness. Manipulating contrasting colors and forms to create work that seeks to initially catches the eye of the viewer in the moment, while also ensuring that it stands out from the surrounding clutter and background noise of the urban environment.

Since moving back to Belgrade, Serbia in the beginning of , after completing their design studies in Vienna, Austria at the Applied Arts University. They've switched from a focus on outlined figurative forms in previous shows, to a new body of work that has been in essence, a meditation on openness throughout the piece, which they feel brings more depth of feel and a subtler composition to the work. They have also been exploring increased optical contrast as well as an emphasis on philosophical contrast within the work.

Resulting in a collaged landscape of abstract geometrical forms, which translates their extensive street and design experience as well as their current human perspective on to the canvas. They seek to give the viewer an experience that leaves their interpretation open, all the while leaving breadcrumbs of subtle psychological cues, not always readily apparent at first glance.

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Special thanks to Jane Bregman of Street Art SF, John Vochatzer for organizing, to the generous individuals who supported our fundraising efforts and to It's Your District for being a major funder of the project. Born in Pisa in , Gionata Gesi, working under the alias Ozmo, began his foray into the art world by making comics, stickers and posters.

By the 90s, he moved on to making an indelible mark on the Italian graffiti scene, with one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous tags in Italy. After completing his education in Florence, Ozmo moved to Milan where he continued to work in prominent galleries, fine art institutions and within the public sphere.

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Using 21st century surrealist methods, Gionata selects images from Google Image Search and random photographs, developing a postmodern interpretation of visual sampling and re-investing the image with new meaning. Ozmo contemplates reality, assimilates it, and processes it, finally releasing it in new forms purified of the limitations of their identities.

Bless Pinocchio, who tells lies, put a finger in the nose of a skull, open a gap in the stomach and awaken your slumbering king to the power of the mind. Cling to the hand of the poet and contemplate the Holy Mother, allowing her to be what she is not or has never been before. Iconographies depersonalized, fragmented, and resurrected in a puzzle without form — "Ferro e Oro, Iron and Gold, that's what I am.

Throughout his career he has been attracted to iconography, whereas an icon acquires its power through its use as an object of worship.

Internet, the more complete contemporary universal library is his main source, for items and input required for this research. Ozmo begun work this week on a large-scale mural on the back wall of the famed Mitchell Brother's O'Farrell Theater! Special thanks to Jane Bregman of Street Art SF for helping us find the wall, John Vochatzer for organizing and all the individuals that supported the fundraising efforts, we'd also like to thank the non-profit It's Your District for being a major funder of the project.

The theater which has been in operation since and continues to be one of the US's oldest and most notorious adult-entertainment establishments today. Hunter S. What is it, and where did you come up with the concept? AS: I had a friend who tried to do an art brand but it was too pretentious, and they just gave up right away. How were your backgrounds similar?

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YS: Yeah, we grew up in a similar way, just always around the arts. I might have took like six years off for music, but yeah, like 19 years just being around art all the time. AS: Well, art has always been mainly a hobby for me, but I was always passionate for the arts, and have always loved discovering new artists. SJ: You two are some of the youngest people to ever curate a show at Upper Playground.

How do you think your age plays a factor in the end product of the show? Then of course, being from a younger generation, your decisions are going to be more fresh. YS: Well, I used to do a lot of paintings of my favorite rappers, but you know, as an artist you grow. SJ: Right on We basically try to put the youth perspective into a room and the end result becomes something kind of powerful.

SJ: Tell me more about how you see elements in the arts specifically being connected. For me, I think about art as an essay, like any piece I do I want to research it well, so I can tell a story. We put our hearts into it and go all out in order to make it something unique and special. We want to make you excited about art again. The exhibition features an unique array of dynamic and captivating artwork that, as the curators declare, "will make you excited for art again.

The group operates within a wide-range of mediums, techniques and career levels. There are so many spectacular artists and so much great work to share with you, we barely know where to start. Guess you're going to have to come check it out for yourself. Born 9 February in Peru, Alberto Vargas was the son of a renowned photographer, Max Vargas, who had taught him how to use an airbrush by the time he was thirteen.

In , while accompanying Max on a trip to Paris, Alberto came upon the famous magazine La Vie Parisienne, and its sensuous front covers by Raphael Kirchner made a lasting impression on him. He studied in Zurich and Geneva before leaving Europe because of the war and arriving on Ellis Island in October In Vargas gained US citizenship, the same year that Esquire Magazine, shortly after Esquire introduced the "Varga Girl Calendar" which sold better than any other calendar published up to that time.

During the WWII years, Vargas further gained notoriety from a series of patriotic pin-ups for Hearst's American Weekly Magazine and his accommodating special requests from soldiers for mascots illustrations. In the 's he judged the Miss Universe Pageant, freelanced for fashion labels and continued to paint Hollywood stars during this time as well including the likes of Betty Grable, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. The photo-realism achieved through his use of watercolor and airbrush that Vargas was able to attain over the course of his career is was unmatched at the time and resulted in the founding of the "Vargas Award", awarded annually by Airbrush Action Magazine.

Past recipients of the award include notable artists such as Hajime Sorayama, Todd Schorr and Scott Jacobs among others. Upon his wife's death in , the artist sadly lost much of his interest in painting and life. However in In the late 70's he worked on an autobiography with Reid Austin entitled "Vargas". Through his ability of lucid dreaming, Sam explores how "imagination and creativity come from our subconscious S : It's just kind of a different exploration of just being, like, being in a dream or a nightmare and kind of controlling that and tapping into your subconscious, imagination and inspiration.

Where it all kind of comes from - from those worlds. So, I'm kind of leading you, it's a walk through my daydreams and nightmares, just kind of all the visuals that I see. So it's kind of getting a little sneak peak into my world. J : Nice, do you think that reflects - at all - currently, where you are right now with just your work, or just kind of a different idea you had-.

S : It's an idea, it's just some imagery that I wanted to create.

Ben Phillips - Wet Dream ~ I've pissed my pants! ~ PRANK!

It's also kind of - maybe - just to illustrate what everyone goes through. It's not just me personally. It's just kind of - kind of a broad range of stuff that people deal with in life and in general. Trevor Matrin : I'm gonna interject. The last show, it was "A Light in the Darkness? S : Well it's all a balance. And so we have "A Lion and the Lamb" - that was kind of the innocence and darkness and it's saying with how to balance your light and dark. And this is just when you have your daydreams and nightmares and just kind of finding a balance and being able to live in - in the middle of both of those - kind of on the razor's edge.

It all kind of incorporates into itself - I like to have a lot of balance in my work and in my life so balance comes into play with a lot of my work. J : And then - are you gonna kind of emulate that whole kind of idea with all of the pieces? S : It's kind of a broad - it's not like every piece has exactly to do with the title or the concept. It's more just - there's gonna be a lot of stuff like that but it's kind of, it's fun because it can be really broad and general because it's anything you can think of.

Daydream, imagine - that just comes into your imagination - into your thoughts. So, it's just kind of a little bit of everything. It's just kind of a broad umbrella of - of anything that can happen within a daydream or a nightmare. J : What are you most excited about that you have done or are hoping to do for the show? S : I'm pretty excited about all of them!

I'm gonna do this floating whale-ship. Product Search. Choose country. Left for free postage. Continue shopping.


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